Apocalypse from now on?

Source: spiked
by Tim Black

“As with every other ‘extreme’ weather event today, our political and media class were determined to present this week’s heatwave as part of our unfolding climate ‘catastrophe.’ They wanted to turn it into yet another episode in the dominant metanarrative of our era. ‘Living through what we’re living through,’ wrote one columnist of our scorched descent, ‘seeing it take hold, and not knowing where it will end, isn’t just terrifying, it’s unbearable …’ Others struck the same terrified note. … Except that things are not inexorably getting worse. Not by any objective standards. And that is telling. It shows us that the catastrophism that is gripping parts of society is not driven by an actual, observable uptick in disaster. It is driven by something else — by a broader, doomladen cultural sensibility.” (07/24/22)