Afghanistan: Responding to SOS, regime commandos caught in fierce Taliban attack

Source: Reuters

“Minutes after returning from a mission on Tuesday before dawn, a convoy of exhausted Afghan commandos were speeding back out of their base to try to extract a wounded policeman trapped by Taliban insurgents on the outskirts of Kandahar. The previous outing had been tense but quiet. This operation in the southern city, a Taliban stronghold before the movement was ousted from power in 2001, was anything but. As they approached the checkpoint where policeman Ahmad Shah had been holed up alone for 18 hours, some 30-40 special forces soldiers in a line of Humvees came under automatic weapons fire, according to a Reuters reporter travelling with them. A gun battle erupted as the convoy forced its way to Shah’s position, and he was hurriedly loaded into one of the vehicles.” (07/13/21)