NY: Suspects caught on video allegedly hit Bronx man with car, then robbed him

Source: Fox News

“The New York Police Department released video Sunday morning that showed a man crossing the street in the Bronx when a car took a sharp turn, knocking him into the air, before the occupants allegedly robbed him. Police are now looking for the suspects, who they say robbed the pedestrian at approximately 6:40 a.m. local time. … Police encouraged anyone with information to notify them via their 800-577-TIPS phone hotline or Twitter. The video showed a black car cut a corner so sharply that it appeared to go off the road when it collided with the 39-year-old victim, sending him flying into the air. After landing on the ground, he was virtually motionless when an individual could be seen removing items from his person, and later searching his body, even flipping him over onto his back while another person watched.” (07/24/22)