The Revolution Must Go On

Source: The Pamphleteer
by Davis Hunt

“[A few] days ago, Nashvillian Margaret Renkl wrote a New York Times column titled ‘Dear Liberals: Come On Down!’ She writes, ‘Changing what happens in red states is the surest way to change what happens in Congress, but railing on social media from your blue state won’t change a thing down here.’ … she theorizes that ‘the South’s shooting themselves in the foot as they merrily slash rights, ignore the unignorable realities of a heating planet, and attempt to create a Christian theocracy.’ The smart kids, she posits, who grow up under this regime will leave much like Black people left the South during Jim Crow. … I guess she hasn’t looked at the most recent census numbers because the present Great Migration is away from liberal states like California, New York, and Illinois and into red states like Tennessee, Texas, and Florida.” (07/21/22)