Will Trump and MAGA Candidates Slow the Red Wave?

Source: RealClearPolitics
by AB Stoddard

“There are ‘Republicans for Kelly’ backing the incumbent Democratic senator in Arizona and Republicans supporting Attorney General Josh Shapiro in his gubernatorial race in Pennsylvania. While Democrats can hardly believe the love — and money — directed from across the aisle inside the GOP, they know who to thank and where to send the fruit basket. Straight to Mar-A-Lago, where the headquarters of former President Donald Trump has been churning out endorsements of kooky and unelectable candidates since he lost a second term. … Besides the crop of losers Trump is foisting on the party, there is Trump himself. Since telling aides last August he wanted to announce another presidential campaign, he is itching to make it official. Republicans are dreading the impact he could have on the midterms, driving up turnout among Democrats and turning what should be a referendum on Biden into another anti-Trump bacchanalia.” (07/22/22)