Those destroying public [sic] schools don’t want you thinking about alternatives

Source: New York Post
by Karol Markowicz

“What comes after the end of public [sic] schools? Anyone who cares about the education of children should be asking that question. So of course it’s one that the teachers[‘] unions don’t want us to discuss. New York City schools are in trouble. As The Post reported Friday, ‘the city Department of Education expects to enroll roughly 28,100 fewer students this fall.’ Enrollment at the city’s regular public [sic] schools already fell during the pandemic, and this new projection suggests it’s not improving any time soon. And New York leads a large pack …. Why? A Gallup poll last week showed only 28% of Americans have ‘a great deal or a lot’ of ‘confidence in U.S. public [sic] schools.'” [editor’s note: Surprised this writer is not using the accepted term, “government schools”; the “public” has neither ownership nor control over any of them – SAT] (07/20/22)