Why Is Biden Dangerously Joining the Warpath Against Iran?

Source: Common Dreams
by Ted Snider

“On March 24, President Biden drew a red line: if Russia uses chemical weapons in Ukraine, it ‘would trigger a response’ from NATO. Asked to elaborate on the nature of the response, Biden had no script to guide him. ‘The nature of the response would depend on the nature of the use.’ Then, he elaborated: ‘It would trigger a response in kind,’ seemingly announcing that the US would respond to a Russian chemical weapons attack with a chemical weapons attack of their own. Two days later, at the end of his speech, Biden seemed to call for a coup in Russia …. Biden has the dangerous habit for a president of going off script and saying things that don’t seem to reflect the U.S. policy he is supposed to be articulating.” [editor’s note: Gee, I dunno … Maybe because he has always been a warmongering neo-con artist? – SAT] (07/21/22)