Julie Su’s nomination is a blow to the nation’s freelancers

Source: The Hill
by Tom Hebert

“The Senate is expected to vote soon on Julie Su’s nomination to serve as Deputy Secretary of the Department of Labor. If confirmed, Su will wage war on the livelihoods of the 59 million Americans that engage in freelance work. No Senator should vote to confirm Su. Su’s nomination has been languishing in the Senate since her confirmation hearing on March 16th. Fearing a close vote, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has repeatedly failed to advance Su’s nomination. There are two reasons why the full Senate has yet to vote on Su’s nomination. First, Su has grossly mismanaged taxpayer money in her current job as California’s Labor Secretary. … Second, Su has an extensive record of anti-freelancer views and a willingness to leverage government power to push her radical agenda.” (07/13/21)