The “adults in the room” are the scariest people in politics

Source: spiked
by Brendan O’Neill

“Is Boris Johnson the worst human being that ever lived? Boiled down to their essence, this is the question that all the hyperbolic, purple-prosed and at times outright deranged anti-Boris screeds have been asking over the past two weeks. Some in the commentariat have gone full boilerplate. They’ve thumbed their thesauruses for the most tawdry adjectives with which to describe this apparently uniquely awful man. He ‘plumbed the depths of degeneracy,’ we’re told. His time in power was a ‘shabby carnival of misrule.’ He ‘debased the great office of prime minister.’ … We need a reckoning with this anti-Boris mania. Not to defend Boris per se — he’s big and ugly enough to defend himself — but because it tells us something important, and unsettling, about the state of the political class.” (07/21/22)