Uncle Sam Must Cease Intervention in Haiti

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Patrick Macfarlane

“After the [Moise] assassination, it took only thirteen hours for the editorial board of the Washington Post to clamor for the U.S., other foreign states, and international NGOs to swoop in with ‘[s]wift and muscular intervention.’ Others, like Columbian president Ivan Duque have also urged for military intervention. Despite the fact that Moise’s presidency itself was due in large part to U.S. meddling, the Washington Post laments his poor track record, using it to support its case for more intervention. The prime directive of said intervention, according to the Washington Post, would be yet another round of elections to ‘produce a government that would be seen as legitimate in the eyes of most Haitians.’ If this new round of elections is anything like the last three, the same international interests will ram through yet another authoritarian lapdog.” (07/13/21)