More Money to the IRS for Predatory Audits? Hell, No

Source: National Review
by Ryan Ellis

“Every other week, it seems, the leftist tax-exempt nonprofit Pro Publica (which poses as a media outlet) publishes another tranche of tax records illegally leaked from the IRS. This disclosure, which is a federal criminal felony punishable by up to five years in prison for every count, invariably targets rich or famous taxpayers. The stories are overhyped (‘how dare he claim depreciation!’), but the goal is always the same: Use IRS data which is supposed to be locked down tight to troll the rich or famous in service of higher taxes on the rest of us. That’s why it’s so odd that the Beltway professional class (journalists, academics, Capitol Hill veterans, et al.) appear so hellbent and determined to give the IRS extra money to audit us all.” (07/13/21)