Exclusive: Cuban Activist Explains What’s Really Motivating the Cuban People’s Uprising

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Brad Polumbo

“An uprising in Cuba has captured international headlines after pro-freedom demonstrations broke out late Sunday and quickly went viral. Thousands of Cubans took to the street to call for freedom and protest against the Communist regime that controls the country’s population and economy with an iron fist. … in the US, discussion and coverage of the protest quickly diverged among ideological and political lines. Many mainstream media outlets, government officials, and social media companies like Twitter framed the protests not as rejections of socialism and authoritarianism, but as demonstrations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and lack of vaccine availability. To separate narrative from fact, I spoke to Cuban freedom activist Marcell Felipe …. He explained that COVID-19 is not the real focus of the protests, but rather just one of many frustrations the Cuban people have against an authoritarian government they can no longer bear.” (07/12/21)