Cuba: Regime blames unrest on US interference as Biden backs protests

Source: Reuters

“Cuba blamed historic protests that took place over the weekend on U.S. ‘economic asphyxiation’ and social media campaigns by a minority of U.S.-financed counter-revolutionaries, while U.S. President Joe Biden said he stood with the Cuban people. The streets of Havana were quiet on Monday, although there was a heavy police presence. Outages in mobile internet — the only way many Cubans have of accessing the web — were frequent. … Amnesty International said it had received with alarm reports of ‘internet blackouts, arbitrary arrests, excessive use of force — including police firing on demonstrators.’ Reuters was unable to immediately independently verify the use of firearms. … Biden on Monday said the United States stood with the people of Cuba.” [editor’s note: Biden needs to lift the embargo, implement unilateral free trade, and otherwise STFU and let the Cuban people decide their fate rather than “standing with” them in word only – TLK] (07/12/21)