Arguments for government work against it

Source: Eastern New Mexico News
by Kent McManigal

“Any argument against the idea of having a free society — one free of political government — also works against the idea of having such a government holding society down. The only reason anyone still tries to make this argument is because crimes are called by different names when they are committed by government employees instead of by the self-employed. When you pretend criminal acts aren’t criminal, you can justify anything. Theft is called ‘taxation,’ ‘asset forfeiture,’ or ’eminent domain.’ Kidnapping becomes ‘arrest’ or ‘sequestering,’ and slavery is called ‘conscription.’ Mass murder becomes ‘war,’ while murder on a smaller scale becomes ‘capital punishment,’ ‘collateral damage,’ or ‘department policy.’ Propaganda becomes known as ‘schooling,’ ‘patriotism,’ or ‘a government press release,’ and torture becomes ‘enhanced interrogation.” (05/26/21)