Washington Football Team eliminates at least one potential nickname from list

Source: Fox News

“The Washington Football Team eliminated at least one potential option for the team’s new moniker. Washington’s president Jason Wright said in a release on the team’s website that the new name will not feature anything related to Native Americans. Wright said the new name should bring in more people to support the team and that the new name shouldn’t be offensive to anyone. ‘With this in mind, we made it a priority to run an inclusive process to listen to all voices. We have given particular emphasis to engaging, listening and learning from Native American leaders and individuals throughout the country,’ Wright said. ‘This process has exposed to us the very deeply-held personal feelings about our previous imagery and association…” [editor’s note: So they crossed off “warriors”, which is already an NBA team name, anyway? Now how will Golden State respond? – SAT] (07/12/21)