SC: Cunningham would legalize cannabis if elected governor

Source: Miami Herald

“Joe Cunningham — the former one-term Democratic congressman now running to unseat South Carolina Republican Gov. Henry McMaster — is pushing for medicinal and recreational legalization of marijuana, changes he says would offer health care options and spin off millions in tax revenue for state coffers. ‘This is going to be a game changer in South Carolina,’ Cunningham told The Associated Press last week, several days ahead of Monday’s official rollout of his marijuana plan. ‘There are so many reasons why we need to do this, and the time is now.’ To Cunningham, legalization solves multiple problems: freeing up police to focus on violent criminals, providing a treatment alternative for those who are terminally or chronically ill, and generating millions for a state he says is ‘dead last’ in areas where funding has been a struggle, like education and health care.” (07/12/21)