The Coming of Strong Man Populism and the Power of “No!”

Source: Town Hall
by Kurt Schlichter

“Get ready for Strong Man Populism. The bad guys (the soft elite who think it can hold onto the societal power it inherited, but did not earn, through petty oppressions) will call it ‘authoritarianism.’ Of course, they like authoritarianism when they are the authority; that’s why they feel no compunction about remaking our country and culture without bothering with obtaining our buy-in. But history teaches (not that they would know it, because they have never been taught it) that a backlash is inevitable. We’re going to turn to someone who won’t be deterred by cultural caterwauling, who will not be satisfied with a status quo ante that is deeply anti-American, who will ruthlessly use his power to reclaim our society for us, and who will wreak vengeance on our enemies.” [editor’s note: Calling authoritarianism “Strong Man Populism” doesn’t change its nature – TLK] (07/12/21)