WI: Fake “conservative” GOP proxy groups file new election challenges but aren’t trying to overturn results

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Conservatives hope to prevent Wisconsin cities from using donations to help run future elections, but they aren’t seeking to overturn Joe Biden’s narrow win in the state last year. The Wisconsin Voter Alliance and others have unsuccessfully sued three times over $6.3 million in grants the nonprofit Center for Tech and Civic Life gave to the state’s five largest cities last year. Now, the group is mounting similar challenges before the state Elections Commission. The alliance’s attorney, Erick Kaardal, said the effort is aimed at making sure cities don’t accept similar grants in the future. The new complaints are not an attempt to reverse the results and retroactively hand the state’s 10 electoral votes to former President Donald Trump, he said.” [editor’s note: So the point of the lawsuits is to make elections as expensive as possible for taxpayers, then? How “conservative!” – TLK] (05/26/21)