How the Danish Left Adopted a Far-Right Immigration Policy

Source: Foreign Policy
by Regin Winther Poulsen

“In recent years, the Social Democrats as well as other mainstream parties have supported and pushed further tightening of an already restrictive immigration system, often adopting the same policies that far-right parties have recommended. Earlier this year, the government made a deal with right-wing parties to make it impossible for foreigners with a suspended sentence to ever become Danish citizens, and on June 3 the parliament voted to give the government a mandate to establish internment camps outside Europe where asylum-seekers will have to wait while Danish authorities process their applications. … The race for restrictive immigration policies ultimately meant that the Danish People’s Party, overshadowed by more extreme far-right parties and with mainstream parties adopting its policy wish list, lost the 2019 election. The big winner was the Social Democrats.” (07/12/21)