Don’t Laugh Off Trump’s Lawsuits Against Big Tech; the Supreme Court Door is Propped Open for Him

Source: CounterPunch
by Ben Rosenfeld

“Liberal commentators cackling and falling over each other to mock Trump’s lawsuits against Twitter/Facebook/YouTube for deplatforming him as frivolous, preposterous, DOA, a desperate fundraising appeal, and a publicity crusade may come to learn that the joke is on them. Trump’s lawyers are savvy — and his lawsuits might even do some good (see below). Although they hinge on semi-esoteric theories of First Amendment protection (i.e. that Congress has impermissibly delegated the regulation of speech to private companies, who, through joint state action, have become de facto government censors), the suits are aimed directly at a legal opening flagged by Justice Clarence Thomas in his concurrence in Biden v. Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University.” (07/12/21)