The Tragedy of Haiti: Washington Should Keep Its Troops at Home

by Doug Bandow

“Haiti took a sharp turn toward chaos with the dramatic assassination of its president. Almost immediately proposals for another U.S. occupation were advanced. The Biden administration should resist the temptation to repeat past failures. Indeed, Haiti offers a larger foreign policy caution. In recent years Washington seemed to take the Monroe Doctrine worldwide. America acted like it was entitled to intervene everywhere on earth and treat the entire globe like the Western Hemisphere. Hence the almost fanatical obsession with at nation-building and regime change, no matter how unsuccessful previous attempts. That US involvement in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq were disasters should surprise no one. Social engineering gets harder as differences in history, religion, culture, geography, and politics grow. Yet Washington had ample warning nearer home, having failed to do much better in its own neighborhood. Like in Haiti.” (07/12/21)