Haiti: Police arrest suspected “mastermind” in Jovenal assassination

Source: Yahoo! News

“Haitian police on Sunday arrested someone they suspect was a mastermind behind the assassination of President Jovenel Moise last week. Authorities accuse Christian Emmanuel Sanon of hiring mercenaries to oust Moise and plotting to then install himself as president.’ Sanon arrived in Haiti on a private plane with political objectives, according to our information … He had contacted a company specializing in security to recruit some bandits, and arrived in Haiti at the beginning of June, accompanied by some of them. They were initially supposed to guarantee his security,’ said National Police Chief Leon Charles. Police say what was once a mission to protect Sanon later changed to replacing the president. … According to the Miami Herald, the Colombian suspects said their mission was to arrest Moise, not kill him. Police later confirmed Sanon had given one of the suspects an arrest warrant for the president.” (07/12/21)