CO: Advocates decry homeless sweeps ahead of MLB’s All-Star game

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

“Ahead of Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game in Denver next week, city officials are facing scrutiny from advocates who accuse them of accelerating the clearing of homeless encampments near Coors Field as the sports world turns its attention to Colorado’s capital city. Mayor Michael Hancock has emphatically denied that the All-Star Game influenced any clearing decisions, saying the city is just getting caught up after suspending cleanups at the beginning of the pandemic. It resumed regular cleanups last summer. Officials knew before the city was chosen as the All-Star host that it faced a big cleanup effort, with more encampments than ever, Hancock said. In cleanups, also called homeless ‘sweeps’, encampments are fenced off and the people living in tents there are told to pack up and leave so the area can be cleaned.” (07/11/21)