Woman, 22, speaks out about gynecologist denying her tube tying procedure

Source: Fox News

“The woman who recently sparked a conversation on TikTok about tube tying is speaking out after she claimed a gynecologist told her she couldn’t have the procedure done because she could change her mind and meet ‘Mr. Right’. Olivia Downs, 22, turned to the video-sharing app on Wednesday, June 15, to relay what she says a female gynecologist told her during a tubal ligation consultation in Springfield, Massachusetts. Tubal ligation is a sterilization procedure that’s done to prevent sperm from meeting an egg. Not all doctors are willing to carry out the procedure, as it can sometimes be impossible or extremely difficult to reverse. It also comes with fertility risks if a woman does in fact change her mind. In her consultation reenactment, Downs said the doctor repeatedly told her ‘no’ because the sterilization procedure is ‘permanent.'” (06/23/22)