Take the Constitution Back [sic] From the Supreme Court

Source: The American Prospect
by Ryan Cooper

“On Thursday, the reactionary [sic] Supreme Court majority struck down New York City’s concealed-carry law, first passed in 1913, which requires applicants to show ‘proper cause’ if they want to carry a gun in public. About a quarter of the American population lives in states with similar rules. Both on the legal merits and in terms of plain common sense, the Court’s ruling here is deranged. The reasoning, if it may be so dignified, is heavily based on the 2008 case District of Columbia v. Heller, which struck down that city’s ban on handguns and established[sic] an individual right to own guns for the first time. As former Justice John Paul Stevens once wrote, Heller is ‘unquestionably the most clearly incorrect decision that the Supreme Court announced during my tenure on the bench.'” [editor’s note: SCOTUS didn’t “establish” the right to own guns. It RECOGNIZED that right – TLK] (06/23/22)