Financial Advice From the Stars Is a Black Hole

Source: American Consequences
by Kim Iskyan

“If investor, carmaker, would-be astronaut, and all-around crazy-man Elon Musk … or former basketball player Shaq … or famous-for-being-famous person Paris Hilton, … or TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio (if you, like me, haven’t heard of them, try asking your kids, or grandkids) was, say, jumping off a bridge … Would you do the same? You probably remember your mom’s or dad’s sage reprimand to 10-year-old you about jumping off bridges after you followed the cool kids and succumbed to peer pressure to play hooky, puff a cigarette behind the gym, or spit-ball the math teacher’s chalkboard. Today, despite the draw of celebrities — who, after all, are the ultimate cool kids – you’d likely say: No, I’m not jumping off the bridge.” (07/09/21)