SC: Cunningham seeks age limit for “geriatric” politicians

Source: Modesto Bee

“Democratic gubernatorial nominee Joe Cunningham is proposing an age limit for South Carolina politicians — a cap that would cut off the 75-year-old incumbent Gov. Henry McMaster — and making a veiled argument that even fellow Democrats like President Joe Biden are ‘staying in office way past their prime.’ ‘Our country and our state are being run by a geriatric oligarchy, people who stay in office way past their prime,’ Cunningham says in a campaign video, provided Wednesday to The Associated Press ahead of its public release. ‘Some of these folks have been clinging onto power for 30, 40, even 50 years,’ Cunningham says. … Cunningham proposes instituting a 72-year-old age limit for South Carolina politicians, a retirement bar already in effect for the state’s judges, and one that would take a constitutional amendment, approved by voters, to implement.” (06/22/22)