Return to What?

Source: The Pamphleteer
by Davis Hunt

“Donald Trump’s political purpose was to enter the arena and kick the cobwebs off a teetering bureaucracy wherein unelected officials outnumber elected officials in Washington D.C. 5,400 to 1. That number comes from the post-Nixon era in which Democrats sought to entrench their gains following Watergate through budgetary expansion and the creation of various government agencies riding the coattails of LBJ’s disastrous social programs. It’s likely the ratio has only increased since then. We see this trend in nearly every government body, especially those with monopoly influence such as the public school system. Budgets tend to favor the expansion of existing agencies and bodies and rarely, if ever, advocate for a reduction in their size. Last night, we witnessed this at Nashville’s Metro Council meeting wherein the Council approved a new $3B budget (more on that below).” (06/22/22)