The left [sic] doesn’t care about crime

Source: Fox News Forum
by Greg Gutfeld

“There’s a serious topic tonight. Every Monday, we usually cover the previous weekend’s violence. It’s another thing we’ve gotten used to tracking, like inflation or how often Biden loses a fight with gravity. But now it’s like how many have been shot? How many dead? It’s like doing a weather report. And in Chicago, it means whether you survive the weekend. Yeah. A little wordplay there, because lately it’s been nothing but storms of violence accompanied by a hail of bullets. As of today, five major US cities are on track to break their already impressive homicide figures. Kudos go out to L.A., D.C., Baltimore, Milwaukee and Atlanta, where the cost of living rises with your chance of dying. It wasn’t easy, but they gave it all they had to surpass last year’s numbers.” (06/22/22)