Israel: Knesset passes initial vote to disperse

Source: Times of Israel [Israel]

“The coalition led by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett cleared the first major hurdle on its path to ending the current government on Wednesday, passing the first of the four votes necessary to disperse the Knesset and force snap elections. … The dissolution process requires four separate votes and two committee reviews …. The Knesset is expected to complete the process next week, perhaps as early as Monday. … The opposition is making last-ditch attempts to outflank the government and end the coalition not through dissolution, but rather by swapping out the current government with one of its own. The Likud-led opposition and its leader Netanyahu have an option to shortcut elections and immediately take over the reins of power: If the right-wing religious 55-seat bloc can attract at least six more coalition MKs, it can immediately form a new government within the current Knesset.” (06/22/22)