NASA’s Artemis 1 moon rocket passes crucial fueling test despite leak


“NASA’s Artemis 1 moon mission completed a crucial preflight milestone today (June 20), wrapping up a two-day set of tests known as a wet dress rehearsal. Those tests included fueling up Artemis 1’s huge Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and performing a simulated countdown that took the vehicle and NASA’s Orion capsule through most of the progressions they would endure on launch day before engine ignition. … The Artemis 1 team noticed a hydrogen leak during fueling today, and they intentionally ‘masked’ data associated with the issue to let the countdown continue. (During an actual launch countdown, such data would have raised red flags, NASA officials said.) This change meant the countdown was halted at T-29 seconds before ‘liftoff,’ instead of T-9 seconds as originally planned. … On the actual mission, the SLS rocket will launch an uncrewed Orion on a roughly month-long journey to the moon and back.” (06/21/22)