Why they’re right to strike

Source: spiked
by Tom Slater

“I’m old enough to remember when Boris Johnson was calling for a high-wage economy. Back in September, amid an acute lorry-driver shortage, the UK prime minister insisted that haulage firms should cough up more rather than rely on cheap European labour. Now his ministers are taking to the airwaves to tell working-class people they’ll have to just put up with a real-terms pay cut as prices soar. Thankfully, workers are taking matters into their own hands. In May, members of the RMT rail union voted overwhelmingly in favour of this week’s strikes, easily clearing all the bureaucratic thresholds put in place to limit industrial action. … The strikes have once again exposed the right’s blindspots where freedom and democracy are concerned. They support the right to strike, so long as it’s never exercised.” (06/21/22)