Hands Off Haiti!

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“State Department spokesman Ned Price says ‘It is still the view of the United States that elections [in Haiti] this year should proceed.’ An ‘electoral timetable’ proposed by [assassinated president Jovenel] Moise was ‘backed by the Biden administration, though it rejected plans to hold a constitutional referendum.’ Imagine, for a moment, that Russian president Vladimir Putin announced his support for the US holding 2022 congressional midterm elections, but denounced a proposed constitutional amendment. Haven’t American politicians spent the last several years kvetching about supposed ‘Russian meddling’ in US elections? Is there some particular reason why ‘election interference’ is bad when others do it to us, but good when we do it to others? The United States has intervened in Haiti’s internal affairs for more than 200 years, almost always with poor results for both countries’ populations.” (07/09/21)