Free [sic] School Meal Waivers Set to Expire as Senate Pushes $857 Billion Military Budget

Source: Common Dreams

“Federal free school meal waivers that would cost just $11 billion to extend for another year are set to lapse at the end of the month due to GOP obstruction as the Senate simultaneously advances (on a bipartisan basis) an $857 billion military budget, a $45 billion increase over President Joe Biden’s latest request. Anti-hunger activists have been warning for months that allowing the nutrition waivers to expire on June 30 would be disastrous for millions of children across the U.S., particularly during the summer months when vulnerable kids’ access to meals becomes even more tenuous. ‘Universal school lunches have been a lifeline for families, especially as corporations price-gouge at the grocery store,’ Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) said Monday. ‘I’m leading the charge in Congress to extend this vital program.'” (06/21/22)