Russia: Moscow legislator jailed after opposing invasion of Ukraine

Source: LaCrosse Tribune

“A court in the Russian capital on Tuesday extended the arrest of a municipal legislator charged with discrediting the country’s military after his criticism of Russia’s military action in Ukraine. Moscow’s Meshchansky District Court ordered Alexei Gorinov to be kept in custody pending his trial. Gorinov, a member of the municipal council of Moscow’s Krasnoselsky District, has remained in jail since his arrest in April. He was accused of discrediting the country’s military after speaking out against Russia’s military action in Ukraine during the council’s session in March. Addressing the court on Tuesday, Gorinov rejected the charges and insisted that he was merely expressing his political views, noting that ‘what I said was my personal opinion and belief.’ He may face a fine or a prison term of up to 10 years if convicted.” (06/21/22)