What Difference Does a War Make? The Geopolitics of the New Cold War

Source: TomDispatch
by Alfred McCoy

“From his first days in office, Joe Biden and his national security advisers seemed determined to revive America’s fading global leadership via the strategy they knew best: challenging the ‘revisionist powers’ Russia and China with a Cold War-style aggressiveness. When it came to Beijing, the president combined the policy initiatives of his predecessors, pursuing Barack Obama’s ‘strategic pivot’ from the Middle East to Asia, while continuing Donald Trump’s trade war with China. … Writing in the December 2021 Foreign Affairs, a group of famously disputatious diplomatic historians agreed on one thing: ‘Today, China and the United States are locked in what can only be called a new cold war.’ Just weeks later, the present mimed the past in ways that went well beyond even that pessimistic assessment as Russia began massing 190,000 troops on the border of Ukraine.” (06/21/22)