Hong Kong: Jumbo floating restaurant sinks at sea

Source: CNN

“An iconic Hong Kong floating restaurant has sunk, just days after it was towed out to sea en route to an unspecified destination. Jumbo Kingdom, a three-story vessel, the exterior of which was styled after a Chinese imperial palace, was towed away by tugboats last Tuesday after nearly half a century moored in the city’s southwest waters. The restaurant’s main boat was traveling to an undisclosed shipyard when it capsized on Saturday after meeting ‘adverse conditions’ near the Paracel Islands (also known as the Xisha Islands) in the South China Sea …. Jumbo Kingdom, which at one time was the world’s largest floating restaurant, starred in many Hong Kong and international movies, including ‘Enter the Dragon’ starring Bruce Lee, and ‘James Bond: The Man with the Golden Gun.’ It also hosted visiting luminaries including Queen Elizabeth II, Jimmy Carter and Tom Cruise.” (06/21/22)