What is Good for the Climate Geese is NOT Good for the Ganders

Source: Heartland Institute
by Ronald Stein

“The billionaires prolificating ‘green’ for the world, such as Mike Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, and others are the same individuals amassing huge carbon footprints for their numerous private jets, houses, boats, and cars. For Bloomberg alone, a Business Insider analysis found that Bloomberg’s emissions-heavy private jets took more than 1,700 trips and emitted at least 10,000 metric tons of CO2 over a four-year period from August 2016 to August 2020. Simply put about these ‘green’ preachers, is that if something is good for these wealthy people, it should be equally as good for other people, but these hypocrites want everyone else to take the electric bus to reduce emissions and help fight climate change.” (07/09/21)