Expectations about prosecuting Trump may be shifting

Source: Washington Post
by Jennifer Rubin

“Many Republicans and mainstream media commentators have intoned that the House Jan. 6 committee’s hearings wouldn’t draw ratings or change voters’ minds. That was wrong. In fact, the evidence presented thus far has been far more impactful than the punditocracy predicted. … The serious tenor of the coverage and widespread interest in the evidence have several consequences. The first is that it might influence critical prosecutors …. Second, the committee has already heightened interest in another promising line of inquiry: Trump’s alleged scheme to raise money for his campaign’s election lawsuits through what the committee says is a nonexistent fund. … Third, in the event the Justice Department decides not to prosecute Trump and his closest cronies, Attorney General Merrick Garland will be under tremendous pressure to justify why the mound of evidence is not enough.” (06/21/22)