Everything about the Assange extradition is rotten

Source: spiked
by Fraser Myers

“Everything about the Assange extradition is rotten. The US is pursuing a politically motivated vendetta against Assange — and yet the protections that are supposed to exist in UK law, which ban extradition to the US for ‘political purposes,’ seem to have fallen by the wayside. Worse still, Assange is essentially being indicted for the crime of journalism. That is, publishing information that is true and accurate and which the authorities do not want in the public domain. Don’t just take my word for it — this was the assessment of the US government in the aftermath of Assange’s most infamous leaks. … Assange’s extradition has exposed the hollowness of liberal-elite platitudes about press freedom. It has shown the Biden administration to be no more liberal than its Trumpist predecessor. And it has undercut the pompous claims of mainstream-media journalists.” (06/20/22)