Germany: Regime plans to fire up coal plants as Russians throttle gas supplies

Source: CNBC

“Germany has said the deteriorating gas market situation means Europe’s largest economy must limit the use of natural gas for electricity production and burn more coal for a ‘transitional period.’ Economy Minister Robert Habeck on Sunday warned that the situation is going to be ‘really tight in winter’ without precautionary measures to prevent a supply shortage. … Gazprom said last week that it had further limited supplies via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline that runs from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea. … Gazprom cited a technical problem for the supply cut, saying the issue stemmed from the delayed return of equipment serviced by Germany’s Siemens Energy in Canada. Habeck has rejected that claim, saying the move was politically motivated and designed to unsettle the region and ramp up gas prices.” (06/20/22)