The Real Reason “Cancel Culture” Is Destroying the American Workplace

Source: The Daily Beast
by Lacey Leone McLaughlin

“For the past five years, Americans have obsessed over cancel culture. Unfortunately, this debate has seeped into conversations around the corporate environment, from bosses and companies to industries. Often, the controversy depicts Gen Z and millennial employees as annoying, sensitive babies who refuse to adapt to the workplace. Much of the time, the debate centers around how seasoned bosses (also known as inflexible older managers) fear for their careers and maybe — at least according to the most dramatic parties in this debate — their lives. But this conversation fails to acknowledge what is actually happening at the office. Are we so busy focusing on the negative (the bad boss of the week if you will) that we miss out on how this moment offers huge opportunities for companies to leverage and improve their culture and their financial performance?” (06/20/22)