Gore v Trump: A case of contrasts

Source: The Hill
by Albert Hunt

“In 2000, Vice President Gore won the popular vote and certainly got more votes in Florida, though court decisions and ballot deficiencies gave the state and the presidency to George W. Bush. Five weeks after the election, exhausting legitimate recourses, Gore, with admirable grace, conceded. Five weeks after the 2020 election Trump, despite losing by a decisive 7 million votes, egged on by hangers-on — most either loony or drunk, was spinning his Big Lie that the election was stolen; he hasn’t stopped. … In contrast to the deceit and division peddled by Trump, whose own advisers testified he had no claim, Gore called Bush immediately after the 2000 High Court’s decision and, with eloquence and grace, conceded. … The following month, as vice president, Gore presided over Bush’s electoral college victory.” (06/19/22)