France: Macron alliance projected to lose parliamentary majority

Source: SFGate

“French President Emmanuel Macron’s alliance got the most seats in the final round of the parliamentary election on Sunday, but it lost its parliamentary majority, projections show. The projections, which are based on partial results, show that Macron’s candidates would win between 200 and 250 seats — much less than the 289 required to have a straight majority at the National Assembly, France’s most powerful house of parliament. The situation, which is unusual in France, is expected to make Macron’s political maneuvering difficult if the projections are borne out. A new coalition (made up of the hard left, the Socialists and the Greens) is projected to become the main opposition force with about 150 to 200 seats. The far-right National Rally is projected to register a huge surge with potentially more than 80 seats, up from eight before.” (06/19/22)