Media distancing itself from Joe Biden: They know he is “done”

Source: Fox News Forum
by Greg Gutfeld

“So poor Joe Biden is in such deep doo doo and not just his own, that the media seems to be turning their back on him. … And why? Well, they finally figured it out, Biden sucks harder than Brian Stelter trying to drink a shamrock shake through a crazy straw. So no one in the media is going to suck up anymore. They suddenly discovered objectivity, once he became objectively the worst president of the past 100 years. … At least [Biden Spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre] has a can do attitude, as in can do nothing. It’s not fair really, it sucks to have her job. I’d rather be the maid who changes Amber Heard’s sheets. This poor lady, all she can do is say, ‘we’re doing all we can do,’ and suddenly you’re in deep all you can do do.” (06/17/22)