The US Could Lose the New Cold War With China & Russia

Source: Common Dreams
by Joseph Stiglitz

“The United States appears to have entered a new cold war with both China and Russia. And U.S. leaders’ portrayal of the confrontation as one between democracy and authoritarianism fails the smell test, especially at a time when the same leaders are actively courting a systematic human-rights abuser like Saudi Arabia. Such hypocrisy suggests that it is at least partly global hegemony, not values, that is really at stake. In seeking the world’s favor, the U.S. will have to make up a lot of lost ground. For two decades after the fall of the Iron Curtain, the U.S. was clearly number one. But then came disastrously misguided wars in the Middle East, the 2008 financial crash, rising inequality, the opioid epidemic, and other crises that seemed to cast doubt on the superiority of America’s economic model.” [editor’s note: And if “the United States” was not still bent on keeping empire intact, this would be a perfect time to disengage from that “cold” war – SAT] (06/19/22)