Free Assange? Yes, But That’s Not Nearly Enough.

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“Be clear on this: Assange is a political prisoner, held for and charged with committing … journalism. … The US government hates having its crimes exposed and, First Amendment be damned, tries to make examples out of those who dare display its dirty laundry. While Assange obviously has more skin in the game than anyone else in this particular case, he’s not the real target. The real target is the NEXT journalist who catches the US government acting illegally. The goal is to make that journalist think twice before telling you about it. For that reason, stopping the extradition of Julian Assange isn’t enough. Nor should we settle for an acquittal in court or a presidential pardon. Crimes HAVE been committed, and examples DO need to made of the criminals who committed them.” (06/18/22)