The Insane “Option” of Attacking Iran

Source: Eunomia
by Daniel Larison

“The U.S. debate over Iran’s nuclear program has been going on for at least two decades, but in the end it always comes back to this fantasy of using force to ‘stop’ Iran from building nuclear weapons. There are a few basic truths that we need to remember before we go down the rabbit hole that Brewer invites us to enter. First, the U.S. has absolutely no right or authority to attack Iran over its nuclear program, and this is true even if Iran chose to violate its commitments under the NPT by building a bomb. There is no universe in which that attack constitutes self-defense. Any attack on Iran for the purpose of destroying nuclear facilities would be illegal aggression. Second, military action would not ‘stop’ anything, but it would almost certainly accelerate Iran’s development of nuclear weapons …” (06/17/22)