Mike Pence Could Have (And Should Have) Invoked the 25th Amendment on January 6

Source: The Daily Beast
by Andy Craig

“‘Trump gave no order to deploy the National Guard that day, and made no effort to work with the Department of Justice to coordinate and deploy law enforcement assets,’ according to Rep. Liz Cheney, the committee’s vice chair. ‘But Mike Pence did each of those things.’ That’s a remarkable claim, not just about former President Donald Trump’s dereliction of duty, which was already fairly apparent. It also shows that in the midst of a violent constitutional crisis, then-Vice President Mike Pence flatly usurped the president’s constitutional authority without following the proper procedures for doing so. And the rest of the government, including the military, appears to have gone along with it. … His actions amount to invoking the 25th Amendment in practice but not in name, with none of the legitimacy and transparency the amendment was intended to create.” (06/16/22)