Trump’s “Big Lie” Was Also a Big Grift

Source: The Nation
by Elie Mystal

“On Monday, the January 6 Select Committee revealed that former president of the United States Donald J. Trump may have committed wire and mail fraud, to the tune of $250 million. The committee alleged that Trump and his campaign sent out fundraising letters asking people to donate to the ‘Official Election Defense Fund.’ But, as the committee’s chief investigative counsel, Amanda Wick, said in video testimony, ‘no such fund existed.’ The money Trump raised was instead funneled to a Trump leadership PAC and other Trump-adjacent organizations, the committee claimed. … Every single state attorney general in the country now has cause to investigate Trump and his campaign for fraud. That includes Republican attorneys general in Trump-leaning states. I know they won’t, but it’s worth remembering that Trump’s apparent crime was to fleece Republican voters. He did this to his own people.” (06/16/22)